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Apollo's EP Application.

EP Requirements:

You must have at least 5 days on the server before you can apply for staff: 

Must be at least 15 years old.Unless given permission by Head of Staff/Head of EP: 

Must be mature. 

If found that answers to the EP Requirements are faked, you will be automatically denied.
I understand

If you are denied you have to wait a week before re-applying again.
I understand

If you have been kicked/demoted out of EP and or staff, you cannot apply unless permission is given by Head of EP or Head of Staff: (place permission here if needed).
I understand

Before you post your application make sure everything is correct, you may not edit your application after you’ve posted it.
I understand

You understand that if you plagiarize on your application you will be permanently denied?:
I understand

Player Information:

Steam Name: Apollo 

Steam ID(

Steam Profile link:

Roleplay name: 

Where are you from?:
Great Britain

Do you both speak and understand fluent English?:

What is your full DoB and age?:
16/03/01 16 years old.

Do you have any previous bans/warning. include what for (Check by doing !warns or ask a staff member about bans):
No I do not.

Give a detailed summary of what you would do for your first offworld Event, if you were to be accepted into EP:

We are called to the planet of Ryloth, CIS has claimed another victory, we are sent to reclaim the main City of Nabat and restore medical aid to the people of Ryloth.
First act 
We land outside the city of Nabat met with heavy CIS resistance so they have to bunker down and fight it out, we are being over run until Nabat resistance aids in battle and we win after intense fighting, we march to the city but discover groups of CIS droids scouting looking for people to make an example out of, but we have to keep moving on the city, we meet heavy resistance on the way from CIS battle droids, once arrived we send scout groups to the city and see they have a shield around it protecting the base of the CIS leaders.
Act 2
We send CEB with a scout group to disable the shield, they succeed, we march on the city to capture the leader of the CIS but find he was never there...
We recapture the city and restore aid to the people but we can only hope the CIS does not return. A sith apprentice appears and starts mass killing civilians, our only job then is to eliminate the sith and march back to the FOB where we will leave after a job well done.

Do you have anything else you want to tell us?:
I will put my hours as attachments if they do not work above.

Right the idea for your events is alright but it needs a little more work, plan it out on a map that would fit this event idea.

The idea is good but needs more planning, I'll wait for some more replies before I make a decision.
[Image: tumblr_os2wab52uR1vk3pi1o1_500.gif]

Alright Apollo. As an Ex-EP I know some thigns about what it take to be an EP. I have to agree with what Nebula has said in that your event plan i a little lacklustre when it comes to detail. However I believe that you can most definitely conjure up some great event ideas in better detail. I would say to Nebula to give him a chance and let him explain the event better in the interview. I overall +1 this.
Ex-Commander Wolffe

Anything that stands about this applicant or just Pros(detail on app,in-game presence, helping):
Active in game
No warns/bans
Event is lore based

Anything that could have been done better or just neutral(On the application or in-game):
Some detail of what will happen within the event.

Anything that is not a good trait about the applicant or just Cons:
-Not much detail into the planning of the event: i.e. amount of event characters used, what weapons will be given to them, the map which will be used
-Had a small dispute on the server over leading an event an pissing around in the messhall

Verdict: -1, the app is decent however I feel it can be improved more upon to see what you are capable of as an ep.

P.S. Anyone commenting use the support template

Reasoning behind the verdict:

- Has experience in leading events (Fleet) 
- He is somewhat active
- Has been Event Character in multiple events and should know how things go. 

- His skills as an EP are unknown to me
- Has potential

- Event lacks a bit of detail, such as providing health for each role in event character, using only NPCs or players or even both. 

Going to stay Neutral on this for now. If you manage to either A: fix up the detail on the event OR B: Prove me wrong on your event; Then you will get my +1
Patrick: Are you the real Crow?
[Image: tenor.gif]

The event is good. But i think it could be better. I think it was bad explained and you could've gone into more detail. Like what models you would use. How many people you would need and so on. I like that you've made a story about it but im kinda confused about how you are going to execute the idea. I need more details.
But that's just my review of the post.
5/10 for me

I just know that you can do better :3

Mide approves this message

- Active player
- Has been event character and event leader.
- Detailed event.

- Unknown of knowledge/experience of being an EP

- Event is not detailed with how many event characters there will be, what kind of loadout they will have and what their roles should be (e.g: One commando droid sniper at a specific location to keep scouting party busy)

Neutral. Need to specify what characters / NPCs will be using. Also there needs to be some sort of back-up plan if things go wrong and the event is not going as planned.

Now with all the feedback you’ve gotten I hope you will be able to improve your event from there. Search for a good map and describe more than just the idea of it like a mentioned before.


You may reapply in 1 week

I hope to see you app back then with a more detailed event.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me, Elmo or JQ.
[Image: tumblr_os2wab52uR1vk3pi1o1_500.gif]

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