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Spooda's Ban Appeal

Steam Name:
 [GN] Spooda

Steam ID: 

Steam Profile link:

Roleplay name / job:
 [GN] Spooda (i didnt get trained)

Staff member who banned you (if unsure check

Reason you was banned:
 I called my friend gay which in my opinion he has no right to ban me because gay can mean multiple things for example Happy, Excited and ovs when a man likes another man.I was also banned for calling another staff member as he thought instead off dealing with the sit he would sit still and talk to his friend while i sat there for 10 minutes as he typed Several messages so i gave him some constructive criticism and said to him that he dealt with the sit wrong and he should off said to me why i was saying that and questioned me and told me not to instead of just warning me, because off this he permanently banned me instantly after another 3 minutes.

Reason you should be unbanned:
I think i should be unbanned because i hardly find how calling someone gay in whatever matter means a instant perma ban infact i would suggest it as a warn then i would know i am prohibited from calling people gay. Also i find it strange how when i give constructive criticism to help him out he decides that to be a good reason to ban me, this infuriates me and if i witnessed the situation as a player i wouldn't want to play the server anymore because it was completely unprofessional behavior from a staff member.

Im sorry but this is a mess and I cant understand a single thing. Please, articulate it a tad better.

(02-12-2018, 08:22 PM)Handsome Tree Wrote: Im sorry but this is a mess and I cant understand a single thing. Please, articulate it a tad better.

Ive tried my best to make it easier to understand by some quick edits hope its easier for you

+1 on the unban. Homophobia and all that jazz is supposed to be Warn first Ban later anyway

This will be investigated and if justified the ban will be lowered.
I will keep you updated

I have concluded the Perma Ban was incorrect so I am lowering the ban to 1 day.
this is due to the way you spoke to my staff member by saying he was "shit at his job" and by you trying to find a way to turn around the meaning of calling your friend "gay"
please read the server rules and follow these guidelines so this doesn't happen again.

As vyper said your ban had been lowered to one day, wait that out, it’s not that long of a wait

[Image: tumblr_os2wab52uR1vk3pi1o1_500.gif]

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