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Exskie's TEP app

EP Requirements:
You must have at least 5 days on the server before you can apply for staff: 
(Provide photographic evidence here) 

Must be at least 15 years old.Unless given permission by Head of Staff/Head of EP: 

Must be mature. 

If found that answers to the EP Requirements are faked, you will be automatically denied.
I understand

If you are denied you have to wait a week before re-applying again.
I understand

If you have been kicked/demoted out of EP and or staff, you cannot apply unless permission is given by Head of EP or Head of Staff: (place permission here if needed).
I understand

Before you post your application make sure everything is correct, you may not edit your application after you’ve posted it.
I understand

You understand that if you plagiarize on your application you will be permanently denied?:
I understand

Player Information:

Steam Name: Exskie

Steam ID( STEAM_1:1:22155091

Steam Profile link:

Roleplay name: Jax/Axl

Where are you from?: UK (England)

Do you both speak and understand fluent English?: Yes

What is your full DoB and age?: 14, 28/03/2003

Do you have any previous bans/warning. include what for (Check by doing !warns or ask a staff member about bans): Yes, 1 for suicide

Give a detailed summary of what you would do for your first offworld Event, if you were to be accepted into EP: It will take place on gm_fork. We would get a transmission from RHC. A planet called Ilar in the Outer Rim is having some trouble. The plane is in the process of joining the Republic after an almost 50/50 vote (to join CIS or Republic). Many residents of the planet have noticed many other relatives and friends going missing, specifically when they're alone in the woods. They have also heard robotic noises, and more ships flying over head than often, although they don't bear a mark of any faction. The CIS has offered help, and after a few weeks, the planet's central government has accepted, fearing that the Republic won't waste their time on them. RHC believes that the CIS are using droids to assassinate residents, in order to fool them into thinking that the Republic can't keep them safe.The Republic sent an Acclamator to Ilar to set up an FOB and try and find out what is happening, until the remainder of the Republic forces arrive. The Acclamator found that it was the CIS killing the residents, and the CIS forces on the planet turned hostile (The CIS and Republic are on the same continent, but are about 400 miles away from each other.). The troops mission is to establish and FOB, in preparation for an upcoming CIS attack. Some anti-republic civilians will also be helping the CIS, but RHC doesn't know where they'll come from, and has no distinct way of telling them apart from normal civilians. If they can fend of the CIS, another Republic attack force can deal with the remaining forces where the CIS initially landed. RHC will congratulate them, and they will return back to the Venator. 

Do you have anything else you want to tell us?: I'm an ex-senior EP, so I know how to set up and run events. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and have a nice day.

You aren't allowed to edit...
[Image: tenor.gif?itemid=5412046]

Sorry, it was a grammatical error. Where I say "The Republic sent an Acclamator to Ilar", I forgot to put a "to" between "Acclamator" and "Ilar". I hope it won't affect my chances. Sorry about that.


"Before you post your application make sure everything is correct, you may not edit your application after you’ve posted it.
I understand"
Cyrus Smells

Yea he really does

Thank you Exskie for applying to event planners!

As it states, edition of application is not allowed after publishing. I understand you only fixed small grammar error, but it has been stated in guideline not to do any editing, giving you free pass on this would mean need to give free pass for others.

Please apply again in one week (next Monday 19.3), make sure to do all needed edits and to read it through for any mistakes before posting.


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