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  Combat Life Saver (CLS)
Posted by: Bear - 02-18-2018, 09:40 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (16)

Yes, yet another suggestion regarding the medics. Please allow me to explain myself before you head back to the homepage. We all know that the 74th isn’t very active lately and this is something we can’t fix on the short term given the fact that our player base is quite small at the moment. Moreover, I think at this point most of us agree that the regimental medics won’t be THE solution. Now, this suggestion is not necessarily a solution for the problems we have at the moment, but I like to think of it as simple and small solution for the time being. As a 74th member I noticed that during events there is a constant need of medical assistance while most of the times there’s only 1 or even no medics at all online. The situation during events, and off-world events in particular, is rather chaotic regarding requests for medical attention and I’m convinced that the lack of medical personnel ruins the RG experience during events. Therefore, I would like to propose the addition of “Combat Life Savers or CLS” for each regiment, apart from the elite regiments and pilots. I know this sounds an awful lot like regimental medics but, again, allow me to explain this.
In real life armies we have so called “Combat Life Savers” or CLS. In short, a CLS is a soldier whose main task is to take part in combat. His or her secondary task is to keep soldiers alive in anticipation of highly trained medics. What this’ll mean in our case is as follows: every regiment apart from the elite regiments and pilots will have the right to get one of their troopers trained as a CLS. This training will be done by one of the medics, with a minimal rank of M (medic). After their training is complete they are allowed to add “CLS” to their name. We will teach the troopers basic medical procedures (first-aid styled procedures) such dressing wounds and stabilizing downed troopers while waiting for one of the medics to revive them. This is all roleplay wise. In practice the dressing of wounds will mainly mean that they’ll will have a medkit or an advanced bacta tube to heal troopers in, as elaborate roleplaying is too time consuming during an event most of the times. The same goes for stabilizing troopers as this will also be too time consuming. However, what they can do to “stabilize” troopers is to make sure they won’t respawn. The CLS won’t need another skin because they’ll have the same uniform as all the other soldiers, as is the case in real life armies. The only thing that needs to change within the regiment is an extra role: the CLS-role, which has all standard gear for said regiment + a medkit or advanced bacta tube.
I would like to ensure you guys that this is not nearly the same as regimental medics, because a CLS is only allowed to dress wounds and stabilize troopers and thus can’t perform surgery of any kind. Moreover, it won’t “kill” the last bit of roleplay (I think it’ll actually enhance roleplay) by making the 74th superfluous for the same reason mentioned above and given the fact that a CLS won’t have the revival tool. Besides that, not every regiment will have a CLS online at every moment during an event and therefore the 74th will always be needed.
- Have you talked with the regimental CO/fleet about the suggestion?
Yes I have.
- Have you talked with the owner about the suggestion?
I have talked with the owner about the suggestion.
- Can the server handle any more regiments without killing anymore?
Well, we won’t add a regiment but we’ll add something to the regiments. So yes, the server can handle it.
- Have you talked with the High Admiral about the suggestion?
No, I didn’t get the chance yet.

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  Kino EP APP
Posted by: KIN0 - 02-18-2018, 04:58 PM - Forum: Event Planner Applications - Replies (1)

EP Requirements:

You must have at least 5 days on the server before you can apply for staff: 
Must be at least 15 years old. Unless given permission by Head of Staff/Head of EP: 
Must be mature. 
If found that answers to the EP Requirements are faked, you will be automatically denied.
I understand.
If you are denied you have to wait a week before re-applying again.
I understand.
If you have been kicked/demoted out of EP and or staff, you cannot apply unless permission is given by Head of EP or Head of Staff: (place permission here if needed).
I understand.
Before you post your application make sure everything is correct, you may not edit your application after you’ve posted it.
I understand.
You understand that if you plagiarize on your application you will be permanently denied?:
I understand.
Player Information: I'm MCO Kino in game 
Steam Name: Grigory 
Steam ID(
Steam Profile link:
Roleplay name:  Kino
Where are you from?: the Netherlands
Do you both speak and understand fluent English?:
Yes I do speak and understand fluent English
What is your full DoB and age?:
27th of December 2001
Do you have any previous bans/warning?:
No, I don't. 
Give a detailed summary of what you would do for your first off-world Event, if you were to be accepted into EP:
Ok, first I would ask for four event characters for becoming troopers (there will be 3 troopers with a DC-15a and 300 HP and one CO (With duel pistol and a DC-15a and 500 HP). Then, the Venator will receive a message from the previously assigned troopers and fleet are under attack on Coruscant. After that, we will change the map to Coruscant underworld and when we arrive it’ll be very silent; there is nothing on the streets. Next, the fleet or event leader will order two scouting groups to scout the area because it’s too silent, only to find out that other clones (the event troopers)  are under attack by a horde of zombies or, when you guys deem that impossible, bugs. The scouting group will fall back and ask for back up. The fleet or event leader will then assign a few regiments (depends on the number of online players at the said moment) to a reinforcing attack group. This group will help the surrounded event trooper only to find out that they are infected with a virus and are quickly worsening condition wise. This is where the medics and the medic bay will play a major role. However, the medics won’t be able to help the troopers and only the CO will survive: the other troopers die and will change back to their normal job. Then, after that the event CO tells the fleet there is still another taskforce out there, which got separated from his group. The fleet will divide the troopers into groups in order to find the missing taskforce. One of the groups find the missing clones. However, these clones are dead and the group gets ambushed by zombies or bugs. Then, the other groups will reinforce the ambushed group and they’ll get the situation under control. Finally, the zone is put into complete quarantine and we will be relieved from duties by a force which is specialized in disease outbreaks (this is just pure roleplay and won’t be played by any of us but it’ll be mentioned in comms and debrief). The army arrives on the Venator and the fleet or event leader will do the debrief, in which they summarize what has happened. 
Do you have anything else you want to tell us?: Yes, I have dyslexia but I will most likely talk.

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  Legend's Binds
Posted by: Estrella - 02-18-2018, 04:02 AM - Forum: Roleplay Information - Replies (9)

These binds were extracted from the previous Republic Gaming Forums. The original creator was Legend. This document was formatted to fit the current state of Clone Wars Roleplay.

All Clones

Bind “say /me confiscates all weapons and communications”
Bind “say /me Shows ID”
Bind “act salute; say /me Salutes”

Commanding Officers

Bind “act forward; say /y Forward!”
Bind “act halt; say /y Halt!”
Bind “act groupup;  say /y Form Up!”
Bind "say /y Fleet on Deck!"

Clone Guard / Fleet Guard

Bind “say Halt! Show Identification!; act halt”
Bind “say /me Checks Identification"
Bind “say Identification checks, move along!; act forward"
Bind "say /comms CG responding. Please update me if the suspect moves or the situation changes."
Bind "say This area is closed, please do not proceed or I will have to use force!”
Bind "say /y Move Away!; act forward"


Bind “say /comms *ATC* Permission to Cycle Engines?"
Bind “say /comms *ATC* Sending Pre-Flight Data..."
Bind "say /comms *ATC* Permission to Take Off?"
Bind “say /comms *ATC* Awaiting Greenlight..."
Bind "say /comms *ATC* Departing..."
Bind “say /comms *ATC* Permission to Land?"
Bind “say /comms *ATC* Sending Post-Flight Data..."


Bind “say /comms *ATC* Cycle your Engines."
Bind “say /comms *ATC* Receiving Pre-Flight Data..."
Bind “say /comms *ATC* Granted you have Permission."
Bind “say /comms *ATC* Greenlight."
Bind "say /comms *ATC* Redlight."
Bind “say /comms *ATC* Granted, you have Permission to Land."
Bind “say /comms *ATC* Receiving Post-Flight Data..."


Bind "act bow; say /me Bows"

Buttons to Bind

  1. Numpad 0 - KP_INS

  2. Numpad 1 - KP_END

  3. Numpad 2 - KP_DOWNARROW

  4. Numpad 3 - KP_PGDN

  5. Numpad 4 - KP_LEFTARROW

  6. Numpad 5 - KP_5

  7. Numpad 6 - KP_RIGHTARROW

  8. Numpad 7 - KP_HOME

  9. Numpad 8 - KP_UPARROW

  10. Numpad 9 - KP_PGUP

  11. Numpad Dot or . - KP_DEL

  12. Numpad ENTER - KP_ENTER

  13. Numpad + - KP_PLUS

  14. Numpad - - KP_MINUS

  15. Numpad * - KP_MULTIPLY

  16. Numpad / - KP_SLASH

  17. Numpad next to Slash - KP_NUMLOCK

  18. Up Arrow - UPARROW

  19. Down Arrow - DOWNARROW

  20. Right Arrow - RIGHTARROW

  21. Left Arrow - LEFTARROW

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  All DC-15sa to DC-17
Posted by: Estrella - 02-17-2018, 10:51 PM - Forum: Suggestions - Replies (7)

I have noticed that a lot of jobs have a DC-15sa which is a Republic Commando pistol. I don't understand why we don't switch it with the standard issue DC-17 pistol. I understand that the DC-15sa has a firing system in which there is unlimited ammo but that shouldn't really be a reason to use as an argument due to the fact that we can alter the DC-17 to have the same concept and have unlimited ammo as well. I'm also not sure if there is a certain reason why we have this or if it is just because people don't want to make the suggestion. So please leave feedback on the cons of this idea or if it is good +1.

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  Clone wars
Posted by: Parnol - 02-17-2018, 01:46 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Hey guys and gals!

As you should allready know by now I have left the server. I might visit from time to time, but do not expect to see me any time soon.
As for now I will see if I can post any screenshots I have made in there.

Hall of notice:
Vyper: Notice me!
Patric: Good friend. Never would forget
Rusty: Good motivator and leader. Could be better, but I understand.
Purgo: Memes
Birdy: Oh boy
Django: What a man
Zero: Seriously, why would you blow up everyone?
Voidnebula: Makes the best events
Eric: I miss you pal, even though you never talked to me
Splicer: Do you want to know more?
Ben: Cool guy. Liked the mandos
Winters: Train me!
Neyo: Never want to forget you
Nero: What a perfect medic
Laurien: Want to talk? Talk with him. A good chat partner
Groot: Trained me from Cadet. Was a good fleet. Only saw him for a week or so.
Commando: hmm. Was owner of the old HaloRP. I liked it and him
Estrella: You have a lot to complain about, without the right facts.
Keller: Cool guy who was a cool leader. Helped me a lot
Mav: Also a cool guy.
Rick: not the best CT Commander but I know he always wanted to do a CT tryout.
PixelCat: was not on our server for long, but I saw him enough, didn't talk to him but ehh.
JQ: The best guy as friend. Can tell you off, but not always.
Achmed: Omg what a good ST Leader, probably the best there ever was.
Jake: A fine lad.
Jack: Jakes brother. Had conflicts but was also a cool guy.
Edge: Was a bad commander, but that was short lived, since he left.

If you think you are good at being at the Hall of Notice, please inform me!

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Brick Absence for 1 week
Posted by: Jumpy - 02-17-2018, 12:39 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

So yeah pretty much what the subject says, i will be absent until the winter break from school is over. I might be on some times.. but i wanna spend the time with my family. So i wont be on much. 
Although after the break is over i will be back. So yeah...... See ya then


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  Attack On Titan
Posted by: Estrella - 02-16-2018, 11:58 PM - Forum: Gaming - Replies (9)

Listen... I am not a weaboo... do not listen to Rick or Athena. Anyways, I just got Attack On Titan on PS4 and am so hyped for Attack On Titan 2 to come out. If you want to play Attack On Titan with me on PS4 or just add me, my PSN is Killer9348.

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  Thing I am unsure about...
Posted by: Estrella - 02-16-2018, 11:52 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

When was Wolfpack given Thermal Detonators? Don't say it was to make them be special because they already have a imperial repeater and westar. Was this a mistake because if so I will remove it immediately, the only way it can be given to them is via suggestion.

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  Gbombs Rules
Posted by: Haloman of the cunt brigade - 02-16-2018, 05:54 PM - Forum: Roleplay Information - No Replies

If these Rules are Broken there will be consequences

the following are rules that All EPs & staff Should follow when using Gbombs
when using Gbombs for events only use Small explosives as artiliery unless you have a powerfull weapon in your event

NEVER use any of the Large Explossives unless something is Detonateing (Ship bases etc)

dont purposely use the Explosives to kill people they do little damage so Dont spam them

when making something like Artiliery Make sure that it is Text screened that the object is what they need to break to stop the explosives

dont just spawn bombs in for no reasons  and blow them up everyone can hear it on the server

dont shoot the base with Big Bombs around it sure but never on it

make sure the server can handle the bombs if the server is laggin with everyone around 146 ping then dont use any of them

using the Morter tube is recommened for the Arty effect also lets people get used to what they need to destroy

be mindful of the bombs if need be go on SP and test them out to see the explotions they make

List of bombs you need Head EP+ permission to use
GBU - 43
Rocket Cluster Bomb
Fuel air Bomb
Solid Fual Rocket

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  Minotaur's Staff Application
Posted by: BenJMinotaur - 02-16-2018, 03:28 PM - Forum: Accepted - Replies (2)

Steam Name: BenJMinotaur

Steam ID ( STEAM_1:1:58780125

Steam Profile link:

In-Game Name: 
CPL E5 60th BS Minotaur

In-Game Rank/Job: 

Tell us about any previous knowledge of ULX and where you got it from:  

I have ULX experience from my previous time as EP on the old HaloRP server in which i also whitelisted and hosted SIM's often.
I also have had the role of mod/admin on a few DarkRP servers in the distant past.

If you have any previous experience of being a staff member you can tell us about it and where you got it here:
DarkRP (unknown) - Mod/Admin
RG HaloRP - T-EP

What is RDM and how would you take care of it?
Random-Death-Match : When a player kills another player for no reason or without context.
I would bring both players involved and hear both sides of the story whilst i also check the logs, if they are found guilty i would proceed to Warn or kick depending on the severity of the RDM.

Explain the difference between “Mass RDM” and “RDM”
Mass RDM involves numerous kills within a short period of time ( 3+ ) Whereas RDM refers to a single unjustified killing.

How would you deal with a case of “RDA” and what is “RDA”? Explain: 
RDA refers to "Random-Death-Arrest" in which somebody is arrested without a valid reason.
To deal with this i would handle it simular to RDM resulting in a Warn if appropriate and releasing the captive.

How would you;

Make yourself invincible?
!god ^

Make yourself invisible?
!cloak ^

Noclip yourself?
!noclip ^

Teleport to Tree the Sapling Bush?
!goto Tree
Freeze UEG Captain Andrew while there is another Andrew online?
!freeze Captain Andrew

You are outside the base at the training yard and you see a staff call pop up:
“I need staff for white listing.” What would your course of action be?
If i was busy and another staff member is online i would ask if they are available in admin chat.
If not, i would ask whoever i was currently with to wait for a brief second while i cloak and tp to whoever needs whitelisting as it does not take long.

Name at least three rules we have on the server:
No Metagaming
No Profanity (racism,sexism ect)

Give an example of something you think deserves a permanent ban:
Repeated offence of profanity/rdm with no sign of stopping (E.G: spamming/micspamming racial Slurs)

Give a few examples to what you would be doing as part of the staff team:
Providing general assistance to the playerbase and staff when necessary.
Attempt to be a general role model for RP
Make the experience fun/enjoyable for everyone.

Can you keep a cool head during a heated situation?

As staff, what would be your top priorities?: 
Responding to calls as efficiently as possible
Providing general staffing such as whitelisting and helping out with SIM's ect to make things flow quickly
Getting rid of trolls that Plague the playerbase

What is your biggest setback?
Possibly attendance once school starts back up and i am also involved in another community which takes up around 2 hours and most weekends (Not GMOD) 
However, i can multitask with schoolwork and hopefully get ATLEAST 2 hours in most week days, obviously it varies. (More on weekends)
What would you do if you see another staff member abusing his powers? What would you your course of action be?
Take screenshots and report it to the head of staff and possibly give the staff who is abusing a heads up that they are doing something incorrectly.
Any warnings and what for goes here:

If you have been banned from the server write that here and include why:

Are you currently staff/event-planner on any other servers? (Include names):

Is there anything else that you’d like to add?
I look forward to joining if you choose to accept.

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